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Horseback Riding At Scotland’s Argyll Castle Trail

horseback riding

Horseback Riding At Scotland’s Argyll Castle Trail By J. Foley

The Highlands of Scotland have a rich history of determined people who resisted the onslaught of their enemies. This area is one of the most beautiful places in the world but a large part is accessible only through horseback riding. The natural beauty of the hills, streams, and the lochs makes the highland an ideal place for taking a horseback riding tour.

The trail for horseback riding is very exciting and allows the rider to do what he/she likes. They can increase the pace and slow it down depending on the terrain. The rider can ride along stonewalls or ditches or jump. If the rider desires, he/she can even swim with his horse.
The horses of this region, whether they are Scottish hunters, native Highlands, or even cobs are very fit with considerable amount of stamina. The riders should be adept at controlling the horses.

Scotland's Lochs and Forests Trail Riding Vacation
Scotland has beautiful glens, lochs and forests where most of its historical events took place. These places have been the subject of the inspiration of many a painter and poets. This is where you will be able to travel and indulge in horseback riding to your hearts content.

This horseback riding tour will cover a period of six nights and five days and you will be located near the eastern end of Crinan canal, at Brenfield, Ardishaig. You will be able to go over a hundred mile circular route and enjoy the beauty of the lochs and forests that you will cross during route.

The Rob Roy Trail
You get a glimpse of history when you go through the West Highlands on the routes along Loch Leven which were known only to Rob Roy. The horses for horseback riding available in this trail are very strong and have sufficient stamina to tackle this difficult terrain. When you go on this terrain with fellow horsemen or horsewomen, you will find yourself going back in history when mankind was entirely dependent on horses for transportation.

Your place of residence will be at historic places such as Drover’s Inn which dates back to 1708 and other places of historical importance. When you go through Glen Kinglass, you will be able to see plenty of wildlife such as Red deer, Roe deer, Golden Eagle and grouse. The spectacular view of the glen will include excellent streams, moss covered rocks, dense forests and heather covered hills.

You will only be able to enjoy if you can walk, trot and canter and be in control of yourself in this superbly beautiful trail.

horseback riding
Article Written By J. Foley

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