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New Zealand's Horseback Safari Trail

horseback riding

New Zealand's Horseback Safari Trail By J. Foley

The horseback riding safari trail is located at Taupo on the shores of Lake Taupo in the North Island. It is a 2500-acre farm offering activities that riders can get involved in; besides enjoying the riding pleasures include an operative dairy, beef, sheep and horse farm. Thus, they will gain excellent ranch experiences such as sheep shearing, sheep mustering and wool production.

On their horseback riding trails, the riders will be able to view many native birds, wild turkey, deer, ducks and pheasants and spectacular scenery of the farms. They can also view the youngest volcano of Taupo. You can enjoy the excellent landscape and the fantastic hills when you are galloping on your sturdy mount. Riders can also enjoy a rejuvenating swim in Lake Taupo. Both English and Western riding styles with trained horses are available. For the young riders, ponies are also at hand.

New Zealand 's South Pacific Beach Trail Riding Vacation
You will be stationed at Homestead at Puketiti station, which is in the midst of 90 acres of forest area, where you will stay for 6 days. Horseback riders will be able to enjoy the beauty of the trail along South Pacific, which is on the east coast of New Zealnd. The station is privately owned and bears testimony to the historic buildings and machinery of the olden days.

Built in 1908, the Homestead is surrounded by trees that have come from the whole world. There are plenty of native birds that add a touch of evening birdsong atmosphere that is unforgettable. The best part of your rides will be the local beaches where you can go past the early settlements, which were famous for their lamb trade. You will also witness meetinghouses reminiscent of Maori culture. The natural beauty and the difficult and rugged terrain of New Zealand will captivate the riders and allure them to return to this place year after year.

New! Jumper Training in New Zealand with Greg Best
If you are interested in a new horseback riding jumper-training program, you should go to the equestrian center in Hastings, New Zealand, which is being run by Greg Best, who can train you for all levels of jumper riding.

Greg is the current coach for the New Zealand show jumping team. He runs a weeklong training program and coaches all levels of show jumping. The learners can accomplish their training in a relaxed atmosphere and climate that New Zealand offers along with the best horses in the world. Greg teaches with examples of real-life experiences and trains the learners to think independently so that they can master any horse.

horseback riding
Atricle Written By J. Foley