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Ireland Country Estate Horseback Riding And Trail

horseback riding

Ireland Country Estate Horseback Riding Training and Trail By J. Foley

Horseback riding is not the only activity at Ireland's Mount Juliet estate. It also offers riders facilities for training, fishing, shooting sporting clays and playing golf. The vacation also provides opportunities for archery, tennis, a health club, spa and a heated pool where non-riding companions can also enjoy.

Horseback riding is taken seriously at Mount Juliet sporting resort where the added attraction is the unique opportunity to witness the birth of a foal during the foaling season. Moreover, cross country jumping, show jumping, fox hunting, dressage and hunt seat are the other activities that a rider can indulge in. You are at liberty to chalk out the program for horseback riding as per your convenience.

Ireland's Connemara Oceanside Trail Horseback Riding
Connemara is a very beautiful place where one can get lost in the magic of its extremely attractive surroundings. It provides beach riding opportunities that most horseback riders love to avail of. Irish hospitality will almost spoil you and you will feel that you are a member of their community. You can also enjoy the three things that the Irish love – a hearty laugh, a pint of beer at the pub and a good horse. Their horses have a strong frame and are steady and amiable.

Sligo, Donegal and Riding by the Sea, Unguided Trail Rides
Many companies offer trail rides in County Sligo and County Donegal which are a part of the Green Island. You can enjoy riding on sandy beaches, through mountains and forests and across lush green fields. The "Sligo Trail" spans the most attractive area in Ireland.

Horseback riders on this vacation are at liberty to ride as and when they like. All that you need to do is to gather your horse, saddlebags and a map and you can start exploring on your own. You can also book your own accommodation but if you are new to Sligo it is advisable to follow a pre-determined plan. The Sligo Trail covers beaches and the hills and lasts for seven days with well-planned trails and pre-booked accommodation.

The Donegal Trail covers beautiful and widespread landscape and the best scenery of Ireland, lasting for twelve days. The trail is well planned and a warm welcome awaits you and your horse at the end of each day.

You can also try out a new route every day by staying at the farm. Cross country course at the farm can also be used along with the stadium jumps.

horseback riding
Article Written By J. Foley