Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Some Basic (But Important) Horseback Riding Tips

Even if you are an experienced horseback rider, there might still be a few things you could learn to help make your ride safer and more enjoyable. Especially for novice riders, there are definitely lots of things to keep in mind to not only enhance the pleasure of your experience, but also for safety reasons. Following are some tips to help you prepare for your ride.
* Always check your equipment thoroughly and make any necessary repairs before you head out. Take along some string, a pocket knife and strips of leather because if your tack fails, you might be able to make at least some temporary repairs enabling you to ride home instead of walking.
* Avoid riding alone, especially for younger and beginner-level riders. If you have even a minor accident and you're alone, you could end up in serious or possibly life threatening situation. Also bring along a cell phone or walk-talkie.
* Wear a long-sleeved shirt and long pants. If it's too warm for long-sleeves, bring along a lightweight jacket that will protect you from scrapes and sunburn. Covering your arms and legs will also help to keep the bugs from biting you.
* Take some bug repellent with you. Insects flying around your face and your horse can really be an annoyance. Keep in mind that most animals don't like the sound of aerosol spray cans, especially close to their ears. Purchase repellent in a small plastic pump bottle or in a lotion version. This way, you can apply some repellent to your face and hands and also on the horse's face and ears.
* Wear hard-soled boots with a small heal. Try to avoid wearing boots with deep arches or large treads because they can cause your feet to get caught in the stirrups.
* Wear protective head gear because not only can a riding helmet provide protection in the event of a fall, but you might also encounter tree branches or other hazards along the way.
* Wear sunglasses to help provide protection against ultraviolet rays and dust or dirt that can fly up and get in your eyes.
* Bring one of those compact, waterproof ponchos with you. They are small enough to fit in your shirt pocket and are good to have in case of a sudden rain.
* Fanny packs around your around your waist are okay for smaller items you want to take with you, but don't wear a back pack because they have a tendency to throw off your balance and can also get caught in tree limbs.
By following a few simple guidelines you'll have a much nicer ride and a happier horse too!

Article Written By J. Foley
Horse Whispering Secrets

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Anonymous said...

even the experts still need to be cautions because accident can
happen that we dont expect.

and also thanks for the tips.

Vancouver ranger said...

Thanks for this helpful tips about horseback riding. 'Cause right now im having my basic lessor for horseback riding and i find it very hard at first. I will try to apply all the tips i read here. :))

HorseRacing1 said...

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Carry on your updates..!!


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