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Going On Vacation ? Consider Horseback Riding

horseback riding

Take Time To Just Relax, Consider Going Horseback Riding By J. Foley

Horseback riding has been recognized by many medical professionals and therapists as a very effective physical activity for many people. Whether you are an experienced equestrian or have never set foot near a horse, horseback riding is the perfect way to access trails and remote wilderness areas. Riders and instructors help you smooth out your sitting trot while horseback riding.


Riding a horse provides a unique and often profound activity for many people. Riding, like many other therapeutic approaches, can also be considered a form of recreational therapy. Riding also affects smaller muscles and joints throughout the body as riding is an activity that requires the participation of the entire body. Riding requires attention, reasoning skills and memory. Riding incorporates a lot of information into a fairly small amount of time. Riding is both relaxing and demanding for students of all cognitive abilities, depending on the focus of the lesson. Riding helps the student interact with others and to form meaningful relationships with horses and people. Riding helps to empower people and enables them to connect on a personal level.


There is public access to horse trails in almost every part of the world; many parks, ranches, and barns offer both guided and independent trail riding. Numerous equestrian trails meander through diverse landscapes, from rugged mountain terrain to sandy beaches. Horses are allowed only on trails specifically designated for horse use. Horse riders may use designated campsites located on trails open to their use, however some backcountry campsites must be reserved in advance. Be careful when crossing swampy areas, potential slide areas, deep snow drifts, steep, slippery trails, and streams or rivers. Also be aware of Off-Highway Vehicles that may be sharing some of the trails outside of Wilderness.


Horseback riding vacations and equestrian instruction by Equitours. Equitours offers you tested and proven horseback riding vacations on six continents. Equitours has a unique advantage in organizing and understanding these tours because the owners, Bayard, Mel and Richard have their own Wyoming dude ranch where they have offered horseback riding vacations since 1971. You will find that horseback riding guides offer one-hour to all day tours as well as multi-day trips, sometimes in combination with fishing or hiking. Horseback riding vacations directory of worldwide horseback riding vacations, riding tours, riding trips and trail riding destinations. Box 1170, Millbrook, NY 12545We also offer walking and hiking vacations and tours.

Each year, our staff travels throughout the world to find only the best horseback riding vacations. We frequently visit each riding facility we represent to satisfy ourselves that our customers will enjoy a memorable horseback riding vacation. The reasons for taking a Cross Country InternationalSM horseback riding vacation are many. Whatever the reason, if you love horses, you deserve a Cross Country InternationalSM horseback riding vacation. They get to meet the local people and share their passion for horses and horseback riding with people who feel the same way. Cross Country InternationalSM training vacations are designed to help improve your horseback riding skills while having fun. Book a Cross Country InternationalSM horseback riding vacation online, or simply give us a call at (800) 828-8768, or consult with your travel agent.

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Article Written By J. Foley