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Spain's Andalusian Costa Brava Trail Horseback Riding

horseback riding

Spain's Andalusian Costa Brava Trail Horseback Riding By J. Foley

The Costa Brava Trail in Catalonia is simply a feast of colors. People have admired the spectacular beauty of this place for many years and even today, a ride through this trail can put you in touch with nature. You see different versions of Flora and Fauna and in the humid areas; you can see cork oak, stone oak, pine forests, arcacias, alders and chestnuts. You can also find olive and almond trees in the valleys along with martens, wild pigs and foxes roaming around in the forests.

Catalonia has a great past and a vibrant culture and its northeast region is very wealthy. The food available here is of the highest order and the mountainous climate is ideal for horseback riding throughout the year.

Spain's Salvador Dali Trail
The Salvador Dali Trail is located at the Dali Triangle of three towns, Cadaques, Figueres and Pubol. Dali, the painter was associated with all three towns starting from Cadaques in 1930. He stayed at a fisherman’s hut and made innumerable paintings. Thereafter he shifted to Figueres and his works in the Dali Theatre-Museum reflect his entire life. The third place was the castle of Pubol where he matured as an artist and he provides reverence to his muse, Gala.

All the three areas mentioned above reflect the brilliance of the artist who was internationally known but he had strong local roots. Riding along this trail will put you in close touch with the works of Dali.

Spain's Andalusian Coast & Villages Trail Riding Vacation
The Coast to Village Trail ride stretches along the gulf of Roses and the sandy beaches of alluvial plain of Emporda. The ride will pass through many small towns such as Peralada. Many castles, casinos, convents, churches, libraries and museums will appear on the way. Excellent quality of wine is produced here and there are fantastic mansions and archways adorning the town of Peralada.

When the trail goes further inland, you will find that the lakes are no longer there and only marshes are left. Cattle sheds, farmhouses, meadows and hedgerows will be visible throughout. The Emproda Marshes Natural Park houses many animals and plants and is the haven for migratory birds.
You will be able to see the Albera and Rodes mountain ranges when you ride along the gulf of Leon and the Empordan. These will appear to come down towards the plain of Emporda and the sea. The most rugged scenery can be seen along with small inlets and natural harbors.

horseback riding
Article Written By J. Foley