Thursday, July 27, 2006

Horseback Riding At A Dude Ranch

horseback riding

Horseback Riding At A Dude Ranch BY J. Foley

If you are bored of your mundane routine of working at break-neck speed, just get away for a horseback riding vacation at a Dude Ranch. You will break free from the humdrum of city life and find yourself in the lap of mother nature. You can forget about your unending phone calls, the constant vigil on the computer and the tensions of your work. You will be able to enjoy the carefree atmosphere of open spaces and gaze at the stars in the night and agree fully with the poet who had remarked, “What’s this life if full of care, you have no time to stand and stare?” A horseback riding vacation at a Dude Ranch can provide adventure and wholesome fun. You can eat, drink and be merry and have a ‘riding’ experience that you will never forget.
The American Tradition of Dude Ranch Vacations
Reminiscent of the cowboy days, Dude Ranches have become very popular since the time Roosevelt worked as a ranchman and asked his fellow-Americans to give vent to their adventurous spirits. Many Dude Ranches have been set up to accommodate the fun-seeking visitors, who can savor the ambience of cowboy life. However, modernization has upgraded the facilities available at such ranches and besides horse riding, many other activities like fishing, swimming, hiking, campfires and square dances are also available.

Horse Riding Hints
While you are enjoying yourself at a Dude Ranch, it is important to follow the hints given below for safe horse riding.
1) For neck-reining do not use both hands to “yank” the horse to the side you want. Simply put pressure on the left with the rein if you want to turn right and vice versa.
2) It is important to check if your cinch is snug and the cinch buckle is engaged in the “latigo strap” with the prong in one of its holes.
3) Try to ride with the group particularly when a rider opens or shuts a door.
4) Avoid walking up behind or up to a tied horse. Talk to the horse softly and make it aware of your presence so that it does not get frightened.
5) While getting off the horse, wrap the reins on the neck of the horse. Do not drop them on the ground. Avoid wearing a jacket or a rain coat that might flap in the breeze and scare the horse.
6) Do not allow the horse to grab grass by getting its head down all the time and run down or up the hill.
Try to develop good riding techniques and you will enjoy your horseback riding vacation at a Dude Ranch.

horseback riding
Article Written By J. Foley