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Horseback Riding Vacations In USA

horseback riding

Horseback Riding Vacations In USA

By J. Foley

California's Northern Coast Trail Riding Vacation
Horseback riding along the serene California coast is a wonderful experience and the five-day California Northern Coast Trail can put you in close touch with nature. Your base camp for the first part of the horseback trail ride vacation will be a spectacular seaside inn and on the last day you will run across the backcountry to the century inn in a coastal town that will be reminiscent of its 19th century environments. Deer, foxes and bobcats still roam in the trails that you will explore while on your trail ride. You will be able to enjoy riding on a Tennessee walking horse because of its gentle nature and its swift gait.

Horseback riding on this trail will take you through coastal grassland and creeks. Against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean you will meet interesting wildlife such as hawks, herons, deer and even coyote and bobcats. The weariness of the whole day can be eliminated under the open skies with the “California outdoor hot tub”.

Colorado Horseback Riding Vacations

Mountain Trail Ride
The High Meadows Ranch is situated near Steamboat Springs, Colorado and it reminds you of the past when the beautiful states of America were being established. Horseback riding will take you to unimaginable areas where porcupines, elks, eagles, mule deer and hawks can be observed. You will have to trot, walk or canter depending on the trail conditions. You will see meadows full of wildflowers and Aspen tree groves.

Horseback riding in this undulating terrain needs sturdy horses and comfortable saddle seats. The western horses and saddles provided here are ideally suited for these requirements and the Strawberry Park Hot Springs provide much-needed relief when the rider wants to relax muscles.
Fishing at Silver Creek and campfire cooking are the added attractions that will allure you to this Colorado Horseback riding vacation.

Texas' Roundup Trail Ride
This trail is situated near Graham in West Texas. Its rugged terrain, the Brazos River and the Blue Herons that fly over it make it perfect for horseback riding. Natural Horsemanship that creates a boding between the rider and the horse can easily be learnt here.
Moreover, you will learn how to gather cattle especially the Corriente and Texas Longhorns. The fun will increase when you learn how to hold the herd and the technique of moving the herd from one place to another. You will get the feeling of a traditional cowboy. The other important learning opportunity is the setting up of a Chuck Wagon and packing of a packhorse.
These are great horseback riding vacations which you must experience if you are inclined towards horsemanship.

horseback riding
Article Written By J. Foley