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A Review Of "Introduction To Horseback Riding"

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A Review Of "Introduction To Horseback Riding"
If you are just starting out with horseback riding, you want to focus on the information you need to get you in the saddle and to keep you safe as you ride. And lets face it, when we are learning something new it is so difficult to take in all the information we are given verbally. If you have it written down, and can read it through several times before you get to the first lesson, how much better would that make you feel? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to take in the information because it is familiar to you – so that you can concentrate on staying in the saddle rather than the info that’s being thrust at you!
This book will not waste your time or money - it is designed to get you horseback riding as quickly, safely, and inexpensively as possible. You will learn the practical information that you really need to ride. No gimmicks, no filler, no fluff. These are the horse facts and riding tips that every rider really needs - in one inexpensive and easy-to-read manual.
With this ebook, you will start reaping the benefits of horseback riding fast. With "Introduction to Horseback Riding" you will be able to quickly get the many benefits of riding, which include:

The ability to see nature in a whole new way - riding on a horse allows you to cover larger areas of wilderness and see it from a whole new perspective.

Enjoying vacations on a whole new level - just imagine being able to take a moonlit horseback ride on a beach on your next trip!

Weight loss and better physical tone - Horseback riding is an excellent exercising, gently toning your whole body, and especially building muscle tone in your legs.

Stress reduction - Many horseback riding enthusiasts find that "getting away from it all" while horseback riding and spending time with a horse melts away tension and daily stress like magic. Horseback riding can improve your whole outlook.

Meeting other people - Horseback riders really are a tribe, and once you begin riding you will find many people on horse trails and trail rides to talk to.

Solitude - Some horse riders find that they like going on quieter rides, allowing themselves to think and reflect. Horseback riding can be a quiet, meditative time with you and nature, or it can be a fun group outing - the choice is up to you!

Relatively inexpensive - You can rent a horse and many of the accessories you need to. Once you learn the basics of horseback riding, you will be surprised at how inexpensive the activity really can be.

Relatively easy to learn - Horseback riding does not have to be complicated or hard - learn how simple a few basic riding skills can be with the "Introduction to Horseback Riding" ebook!

Puts you in contact with animals - Few other sports allow you the chance to spend time with an animal, and horses can be a fascinating animal to get to know. Known for their loyalty, intelligence, and gentleness, horses are a wonderful animal to spend time interacting with.

Acts as a gateway to other sports and activities - Polo, trail rides, horse racing, trips to a dude ranch, dressage, rodeo riding, and fox hunting are only a few of the activities that require good horse skills. Learning to ride a horse can open a whole new world of adventure for you!

Builds confidence and discipline - As you learn the skills of horseback riding, you will be learning to communicate with an animal and learning to control the movements of your body in a precise way. This will help you build discipline. As you learn horseback riding tips and tricks, you will gain the confidence you need to ride with grace and ease.

Gain freedom and a sense of fun and passion in your life - Just imagine the wind through your hair as you race through a field or through a wood. Horseback riding is a wonderful way to add real excitement and adventure to your life. Once you try it, you will see why so many millions of people have adopted this exercise.

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